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Everything You Need to Know About Grab




App-based ride services like Uber and Lyft have begun to dominate the taxi market in the USA, but in Asia, Grab is the app to have. Grab, which was formerly known as GrabTaxi, is an Uber-like service that offers rides, lifts, and on-demand taxi service with flat rate fees based on the car, the city, and waiting times. Unlike local taxi which can be unreliable in many cities, Grab allows you to quickly book a ride from your app, wait for it, and then pay through the app or use cash. This feature makes it safer for foreigners to travel, simply because you would not have to worry about hailing an illegitimate taxi. Grab vets all of its drivers, and with flat rate payments, you would not have to worry about being charged more than you owe.

History of Grab

In 2011, Anthony Tan, then a Harvard Student, drew out an idea for an Uber-based taxi booking app after a classmate complained about the difficulties of hailing a taxi in Malaysia. Tan eventually drew up a booking service, which he pitched at the 2011 Harvard Business Plan Competition, placing second, which helped him to earn angel investors. The service launched in 2012 as MyTeksi, and quickly expanded as GrabTaxi, and then as Grab.

Today, Grab operates in 30 cities throughout Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

How it Works

Grab - How It Works

Grab allows you to book a taxi up to 7 days in advance using their app and GPS services. You can choose the starting point, drop off point, time, and select whether your travel is for personal or business reasons. You can also leave notes to the driver to specify what you will look like or where you will be. You just simply need to download the Grab app (Apple and Android), sign up (Google, Facebook, Mobile Number) and verify your mobile number.

Start Using Grab

Grab - Inteface

Once you input your starting point and drop off point, you can continue to choose your car type, will see your flat rate fare. The app also shows you how many drivers are in your area. Grab will choose the closest driver to your pickup location (even if you are booking from another country) and you can choose Cash or GrabPay, which you will have to set up before using.

From there, all you have to do is wait for your ride. The driver will mark you as picked up when they get there and mark you as dropped off when you arrive at your stop, which you can confirm in your app. After your ride, Grab will automatically bill your credit card using GrabPay, or you will pay in cash based on the option you chose in advance. It’s so simple!

Grab Car and Taxi Options

Grab offers a variety of car and taxi options intended for most types of users. It allows you to choose the best option for your needs and budget.

GrabCar is the standard unlicensed car service offered by Grab, which operates similarly to Uber. Drivers must register to use their car or rent one, verify their information, and purchase commercial insurance. From there, they can offer rides through the app, and show themselves as available when they are out to look for a rider. GrabCar offers a great deal in terms of ride and car options.


GrabTaxi is a service that pairs with many licensed taxi services in most of their cities, allowing you to get a professional, licensed taxi through the app. GrabTaxi includes Citicab, Premier, Trans-Cab, SMRT, and some other services depending on where you are, and you can choose between the standard GrabTaxi or the LimoTaxi.


GrabHitch is a social ride-sharing option offered through Grab that you can use to book cheaper rides. GrabHitch works by connecting you with another driver who is going in the same direction, allowing you to get a ride from private drivers who are conducting personal errands. GrabHitch has longer wait times than GrabTaxi or GrabCar, but does typically cost 20-40% less per ride.

Grab also offers GrabBike (motorcycle), and GrabExpress (courier service) depending on the area. However, service availability depends on the country and the city.

Advantages of Grab

Grab has a lot of benefits, most of which include easy booking, insured drivers, rider ratings, and low or at least confirmed wait times.

Licensed and Insured Drivers – Grab drivers are required to register as a local business, convert their car to a commercial business, sign up in person at the Grab office, and purchase commercial insurance to cover you and your belongings. If you choose GrabTaxi, you are also connecting with licensed Taxi drivers, not with inexperienced drivers. However, GrabHitch does not include this protection.

Flat rate fees – Grab uses flat rate fees that you can see upfront before your ride. This feature takes the surprise out of many taxi fares, and allows you to choose a ride that best suits your economic means.

Shorter wait times – With over 30,000 drivers in 30 cities, Grab rides are typically readily available.

Rated Drivers – Just like Uber, Grab allows you to rate your driver after riding, which means that drivers who are difficult to ride with have a bad rating.

In Short…

Grab and Uber are two very similar services, and both of them operate in almost the same regions. This similarity also means that consumers have options to choose between them. Grab is an easy to use on-demand car and taxi service that you can use to hail licensed taxis or business driving services in Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. If you’re planning to use it, all you have to do is remember to verify and set up your account, and set GrabPay up in advance of booking a rental.


Lazada Birthday Festival: Celebrating 6 with Great Deals and More!




6 Lazada Birthday Festival

Lazada is taking this year’s Birthday Festival a level higher as they celebrate their 6th birthday in Singapore, starting 24 April, with discounts of up to 90% off with 600+ flash deals and up to $120 worth of vouchers.

Partnering with top brands like Clinique, Shiseido, Bose, Jaybird, Acer, Samsung, Crumpler, etc., Lazada is bringing exclusive deals on a wide range of products from skincare to electronics for you.

What’s more, you can further stretch your budget by using code (6LAZBDAY) and Citi Credit Card at checkout during 24-26 April from 9 am daily to get $12 off with minimum spend of $100.

If you are unsure what to buy and wish to be surprised, you may also try out Lazada’s Surprise Boxes ($29/$49) which they have worked with 74 different brands to bring you specially-curated boxes. These boxes comes in limited quantity and are up for grabs for a limited time only. They also contain goodies worth more than $100.


Who is Lazada?

Lazada is an online shopping & selling platform in Southeast Asia that features more than 2,500 brands, serving 560 million consumers across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet, the e-commerce company aims to establish an business model within the region. They aim to achieve this by taking advantage of the untapped online consumer market and Amazon’s weak presence here.

In recent years, Lazada has grown to be a force not to reckon with as they get acquired by China’s Alibaba in 2016 as Alibaba expands into Southeast Asia with a US$1 billion Lazada deal. Subsequently, Alibaba also boosted its stake to 83 percent in 2017 with an additional investment of US$1 billion. Then, further investment of extra US$2 billion and tapping a top executive (Ms. Lucy Peng) to run the business. This move strengthened Alibaba’s vision of taking on rivals such as tech giant Amazon in the region. The latest funding will double Alibaba’s total investment in Lazada at US$4 billion which it said will “accelerate the growth plans” and help further tie the Lazada business into Alibaba’s core e-commerce service.

Lazada and Razer also announced this month the launch of a new digital game store on the online shopping platform, offering consumers access to thousands of digital games as well as reward customers with every purchase.

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Gamevice – Making Your Phone A Portable Gaming Powerhouse




Gamevice - Cover

The mobile gaming market is growing and will expect to grow even further. With the improvement in technology, mobile devices are one of the most powerful handheld game systems you can buy today. They are capable of displaying rich details and bringing world-class gaming experience that outstrips what you can find on a Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita.

With the growth of mobile gaming market, publishers are increasingly willing to develop more game titles for the eager players. Along with this, players are also progressively hungrier and more demanding for a better gaming experience. And they want the mobile gaming market to bridge the gap between them and the mainstream gaming market. But mobile devices are missing a critical aspect that a lot of gamers still crave: a physical gamepad with buttons and joysticks.

Gamevice is a holster that the mobile device snaps into, covering the left and right sides of its chassis. It is the next big thing that can easily transform your mobile devices into handheld gaming consoles. Rather than sliding your fingers across a glass surface, or swinging your phone around to steer a vehicle, you get a D-pad, buttons, analog sticks, and triggers, just like any controller on a gaming console.


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How Can You Use Quizzes to Generate Leads? – INTERACT




Interact - Step by Step

The state of digital marketing is always changing. Therefore marketers have to keep up with the pressure of adapting when necessary. Digital marketers are continually finding the most creative ways of generating leads or collecting new email subscribers. With the crowded online space, it is increasingly harder for marketers to stand above the crowd. Moreover, research has shown that the average human attention span is rapidly declining. And this will mean that the method you are adopting now for your lead generation or email collection will no longer work as effectively.

There is a rising popularity where quizzes have become a recurring motif on one of the favorite method of lead generation. Quizzes are a method that is slightly overlooked but a potential pot of gold – and it honestly makes lead generation fun.

According to Steve Olenski, you can gather tons of information about your website visitors, when they are having fun answering a quiz, and it is an excellent way to generate leads.

In this article, I will recommend a tool you can use for setting up fantastic quizzes and guide you through how to create a quiz with this tool which can have a potential of growing your email list by 300%!


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