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Ten Ways Remarketing Can Improve Your Business




Remarketing or retargeting is a marketing technique where you target consumers who have either already shown interest in your website or your niche. While remarketing is somewhat controversial as tracking the consumers is a bad idea, it offers high ROI and allows you to touch base with potential customers who would otherwise never become customers. Remarketing is a valuable strategy, and you can integrate it into your pay-per-click or cost-per-click campaigns to improve your business and your sales.

#1 Boost Your Conversion Rate


The average Google AdWords conversion rate varies between 0.89% and 2.70% depending on the network you are using according to Search Engine Watch. Remarketing allows you to increase your conversion rate and your click-through rate by targeting consumers that you already know that are interested in your products. While the exact increase depends on how well you target the ad and your niche, re-marketed ads see a much higher average conversion rate than standard ads.

#2 Connect with Your Website Visitors

HubSpot showed that for the average website, 96% of traffic is not ready to buy. Whether visitors are doing research, shopping around, or just looking for information, they might have your product or service in mind, but they do not yet have the motivation to commit. Remarketing allows you to connect with them later after they have made more decisions and are more likely to make a purchase.

#3 Show More Relevant Ads

Relevance is the currency of the ad network. Remarketing allows you to target consumers who you already know are interested in your business because they have already looked something up that is relevant to you. Showing more relevant ads improves your click-through rate, your conversion rate, and the overall quality of your ad campaign. While you still need to target new consumers as well, remarketing can allow you to connect with potential customers who are not necessarily part of your primary demographic, as well as find new demographics.

#4 Familiarity is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Most consumers will not click on a standard ad as they do not react to it the first few times they see it. Remarketing works in a way that consumers will likely see the ads a few times before clicking. While the exact rate varies depending on the industry, you can research your own and set frequency caps to ensure that you are not showing the ad too many times to the same person. In one study, remarketing improved branded searches by 1046% because the consumers remembered the brand that was marketing to them.

#5 Remarketing Compensates for Poor Landing Pages

The average landing page converts at just 2.35%, but remarketing can help boost that rate by reminding potential customers why they clicked on the ad in the first place. Here, you can use clever calls-to-action (CTA) to remind viewers that you can still solve their problem or that you still have what they are looking for. The trick is to understand your audience so that you know why they were looking at your page.

#6 Reduce Your Cost-Per-Click


Remarketing ads can cost as little as a quarter of CPC, so you can save a great deal by adding remarketing to your strategy. Remarketing offers a high conversion rate and a lower cost per click, both of which are beneficial.

#7 Target Who Sees Re-marketed Ads

Google AdWords makes it easy to customize who sees your ads. For example, you can choose to target consumers who have been on your website, those who have looked at specific products on your site, or based on the user’s search history. You can also remove people from your remarketing campaign when they convert or make a purchase. Better targeting increases your conversion rate, which boosts sales.

#8 Learn More About Your Customers

Remarketing allows you to gauge customer loyalty, see who is actually buying your products, and ascertain how many times your consumers view your products before buying them. Remarketing allows you to target your existing customers as well as anyone showing interest in your niche or products, so you can use the data to learn what your customers are looking for, where they are in the buying process when they find you, and how likely they are to buy from you again.

#9 Improve Ads

Remarketing allows you to use customized ads to respond to users on your site. In short, it allows you to include custom CTA tailored to the user’s action so that you can be more personal, friendly, and real inside of an ad. That is especially important for banner ads, which some people do not usually trust. And, by constantly testing and changing your ads, you can keep your click-through rate high. Why? Retargeter shows that ad conversion drops by about 50% after five months of rotation.

#10 Boost your Sales


Remarketing allows you to market to a different audience and one that is already interested in your products or services. If you create great ads, you can boost your sales, and sometimes at a much lower CPC than with standard search marketing.

Remarketing is a powerful tool that you can use to connect with people who are interested in your products or services. While some retain reservations about remarketing because it involves tracking consumers, carefully targeting ads, and limited the number of times they show to the same person, actually offers value to the consumers. More importantly, a well run remarketing campaign can provide lots of value to your business.


5 Reasons Why Print Is Still Important in the Internet Era




5 Reasons Why Print Is Still Important in the Internet Era

Over the last decade, digital marketing has come to the forefront of most businesses’ marketing strategies. Also called internet marketing, digital marketing is a way of promoting a business over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. Digital marketing is a broad term that consists of a range of marketing tactics – including search, paid media, content, email, social media, and more.

When it comes to the success of your business, digital marketing plays a crucial role, but this doesn’t mean that the Internet is the only place your branding appears.

While digital marketing and your digital branding are essential and fundamental, there are many times you need print marketing materials to make a tremendous real-world impression. While web pages are often skimmed in slightly less than 1 minute, visually engaging print materials can live in streets, offices, and homes for years. Print marketing can play a vital role in supporting digital marketing campaigns. It is still a very powerful method of advertising, providing a different way to engage the audience, driving an omnichannel marketing experience.


#1 Print helps you reach your target market

In the modern Internet era, everything can be done online from buying furniture for your home to movie tickets for your favorite films. The Internet has revolutionalized our lifestyles. This change is also why businesses are aggressively marketing their products and services online. However, for specific demographics and niche markets, the Internet is still unable to reach them or convert them effectively. Therefore, print publications can still work effectively in such situations.


#2 Print helps you get physical

5 Reasons Why Print Is Still Important in the Internet Era - Store

Unlike digital marketing, print marketing materials are something that you can hold in your hands. You can see, touch and feel them. It helps to create a physical customer presence when you need to come in physical contact with your customers, like in a retail store or at an event.


#3 Print helps you grab attention and build relationships

Engagement is key to a successful marketing campaign. Without it, you would have no point in trying to advertise. Consumers often skim websites in slightly less than a minute. Studies have also shown that people are reading digital platform 20% to 30% slower than they do on printed materials. So if you want your content to be adequately understood from the beginning to the end, a brochure (or any form of print media) is the way forward. Print media is also a trusted form of marketing channel and has a host of content areas: news, information, inspiration, education, special offers, and entertainment. Tapping into print is a great way to start a solid relationship with a potential customer.


#4 Print helps your customers to remember you

5 Reasons Why Print Is Still Important in the Internet Era - Network

Not everyone has their phone ready to look up for your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile, and who can ever find a pen whenever they need one? Business cards are still relevant in today’s world when you’re networking with potential clients, vendors or colleagues. This goes the same if you have none of the print marketing materials ready for your customers to remember you or your business, it is hard for them to look up for you again on the Internet.


#5 Print helps you develop an omnichannel brand experience

When people are becoming more and more blind to digital advertising, print offers an alternative medium to connect with your audience. It can also help maximize impact around a product launch or announcement by building an integrated marketing campaign that brings the best of both worlds (online and offline) together.

If you take a look at your business today and ask yourself, “Does my brand stand out from others?” If the answer is no, then you will have to do more. 9 out of 10 people that compare brands will go with the one they recognize. The only way to make sure that they can recognize your brand is by getting your brand out in public and making sure your brand is on as many platforms (that matter the most) as possible.


Moving Forward…

When most people contemplate on diversifying their digital strategy, they immediately think about incorporating some digital method that they aren’t currently using – such as social media platforms, live streaming video, or blog posts. However, true diversification would be to look at exploring a medium that’s different.

Unlike other forms of marketing, print can have an effect for a longer time. And it is a form of marketing that still has a place in an integrated marketing strategy.

So start dipping your toes in the uncharted water and work with a good printing service provider to get your campaign running – and don’t be alarmed if you like what you find and end up diving headfirst into the deep end.

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How Can You Use Quizzes to Generate Leads? – INTERACT




Interact - Step by Step

The state of digital marketing is always changing. Therefore marketers have to keep up with the pressure of adapting when necessary. Digital marketers are continually finding the most creative ways of generating leads or collecting new email subscribers. With the crowded online space, it is increasingly harder for marketers to stand above the crowd. Moreover, research has shown that the average human attention span is rapidly declining. And this will mean that the method you are adopting now for your lead generation or email collection will no longer work as effectively.

There is a rising popularity where quizzes have become a recurring motif on one of the favorite method of lead generation. Quizzes are a method that is slightly overlooked but a potential pot of gold – and it honestly makes lead generation fun.

According to Steve Olenski, you can gather tons of information about your website visitors, when they are having fun answering a quiz, and it is an excellent way to generate leads.

In this article, I will recommend a tool you can use for setting up fantastic quizzes and guide you through how to create a quiz with this tool which can have a potential of growing your email list by 300%!


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12 Digital Marketing Certifications You Can Get in 2017 / 2018




Digital Marketing Certifications

Most organizations prefer digital marketing professionals with recognized certification as an additional qualification. There are plenty of certification courses that are now available online. However, without any defined guide, the learning about the various aspects of digital marketing can get very confusing. This post aims to address this issue by encompassing a comprehensive list of some very well-crafted courses so that you can kick-start your learning journey and also embellish your resume.


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