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GAMEVIL Launched a Slingshot RPG Game, Knight Slinger!

Role playing games (RPG) have managed to grow in popularity among the mobile gaming scene over the last couple of years. GAMEVIL, being one of the pioneers, is pretty much known for their creative Korean RPGs, and their latest addition is no exception. This November, GAMEVIL has officially launched Knight Slinger globally for App Store and Google Play.

Developed by COCOONBEAT, Knight Slinger is GAMEVIL’s latest addition to its ever-expanding arsenal of successful mobile game titles. Knight Slinger is a unique game that successfully marries slingshot gameplay and RPG elements, where players gather cute knightly characters from six different classes, varying rarities, and five elements.

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Bleach X Seven Knights

Seven Knights, a highly popular turn-based RPG by Netmarble has proved to be one of the most played mobile games among RPG enthusiasts in 2016. With impressive graphics, a large and active community, plenty of strategy and customization elements, this game is a juggernaut among the RPG titles.

Netmarble Games was founded by Jun-hyuk Bang in 2000 and has grown into a mobile gaming powerhouse with nearly U$1 billion ($A1.32 billion) in annual revenue. Seven Knights is one of its well-received titles and has broken into Japan’s list of top 10 mobile games.

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A Guide to Growth Hacking for Noobs (Infographic)

Growth hacking is one of the most popular marketing topics or buzzword in recent years. The term, growth hacking, is commonly associated with startups. However, it can also be applied to businesses. Not many people can really understand and appreciate how simple yet effective it can be. To explain growth hacking in simple terms – it is a process of rapid experimentation across multiple marketing channels and product development to establish the most effective, efficient method to grow a business.  It can be through the usage of data, automation, and viral mechanics to grow in a smart way – that may include acquiring new users, retaining existing users, increasing revenue per user, improving customer satisfaction as well as making a product stickier with its users.

Growth hacking has indeed changed the game for today’s marketers. With the increase in competition, businesses are continually forced to achieve more with fewer resources. Therefore, growth hacking provides an alternative method of growth for marketers, allowing them to implement unconventional marketing strategies to grow faster and stay ahead of the competition.

While growth hacking is an impressive marketing phenomenon that everyone talks about and is trying to implement, there are not many guides to show marketers how to hack business growth. Here is an infographic that serves as a useful guide to growth hacking for noobs.

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16 Tips on How to Become a Pokemon GO Master (Infographic)

A record-breaking tens of millions downloads of Pokemon GO within the first few days after its launch. News and publishing sites are scrounging to get the full story regarding the chaos. Children and adults worldwide are running wildly through the streets. It is surprising how Pokemon, a well-known anime, and game title of yesteryears, has again infiltrated almost every part of our lives today.

Pokemon GO is a revolutionary game for smartphones; that combines gaming and mapping technology. Today’s Pokemon GO connects the virtual world with the reality. To play, users do not just sit still and swipe their screens. They must explore locations in the real world to catch Pokemon, hatch them, train them and battle them.

This infographic highlights 16 tips on how to become a Pokemon GO Master:

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Wise Words from Jack Ma – The “Wealthiest Man in Asia”

Jack Ma or Ma Yun is a Chinese business magnate and philanthropist who has carved a niche for himself in the corporate sphere. Known as the founder and chairman of the Alibaba group, he has built an empire of e-commerce in China without selling any product to consumers or having written a single line of code. Under his leadership, he has blended the best of both the Western and Chinese technologies, culture and management styles to create the world’s largest e-commerce company and soon the biggest global technological enterprise.

The company’s IPO raised more than $20 billion and gave Alibaba.com a market capitalization of $240 billion, making Jack Ma the richest man in China and one of the wealthiest men in the world today. Subsequently, he has also become the first Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of the Forbes magazine.

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Afterpulse Latest Update: New Weapons

GAMEVIL‘s highly popular over-the-shoulder multiplayer shooter continues to receive tremendous support as the latest update released today comes with various new additions. In this update, Afterpulse introduced three new weapons, and two new veteran upgrades.

In Afterpulse, weapons come in different classifications such as standard, seasonal, veteran, and chrome. The veteran series are some of the most powerful and rare equipments in the game, represented by a black and red coating and increased game stats.

Two of the new additions are the veteran versions of the LMG AGK 37, and the SMG LSM 7. While three newest weapons are the AGL 660, a new grenade launcher, the TAVA XI, a new long range assault rifle, and the new pistol being added is the TK7.

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The Anatomy of the Modern Marketer

The pace of change for digital marketing has continued to accelerate over the past few years, and a marketer’s role has never been more complicated. Modern marketers are constantly looking into the future, trying to decipher the next big trend, be it for their brands or their clients.

Today, technology plays a crucial role in marketing strategy and execution: Data is the next big thing, and companies are capitalizing analytics to make data-driven decisions. Automation has also turned guesswork into a precise science and months of detailed planning into nanoseconds. We are now living in a digital era where technologies have disrupted various traditional marketing methods and will continue to do so.

A modern marketer is somebody who understands conventional & digital tools of marketing; he is the one who can apply the combination of these two strategies to help brands effectively. By examining the digital strategies of our forward-thinking customers and influencers, we identified these eight key attributes of a modern marketer:

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Kritika Online SEA to Launch in Six Countries in May 2016!

Kritika Online, a 3D MOARPG by award-winning studio ALL-M, is going to be launched by Playpark in May 2016. The game features a fast-paced combo system and action controls; that is able to keep hard-core gamers glued to their seats. The game has taken the Korean online gaming community by storm. Since then, many renowned publishers around the world have expressed their keen interest in publishing the game.

Playpark, the leading online games publisher in Southeast Asia, announced recently that they will be releasing Kritika Online SEA simultaneously across six countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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