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10 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Email Marketing Tips

The inbox of your standard consumer fills with competitive subject lines, marketing messages, and scores of attention-seeking emails. With more than 144 billion emails sent each day, email marketing remains as one of the preferred channels for business communication.

As technology advances and Internet evolves, newer marketing methods have made many to believe that email marketing is on its way out. However, email marketing is far from dead, despite what some may believe. In fact, a report indicated that workers spend 28% of their time in their inbox.

At the same time, email marketing is getting hard to deliver their marketing objectives. This is because consumers are demanding for a better email experience. They do not want bulk emails thrown at them that looks like spams and do not relate to them in any way. Consumers want their email personalized, relevant and provides value to their lives. And this requires a certain understanding of the consumers which only big data can provide.

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What is Programmatic Buying and its Basics

Programmatic Buying and Basics

As the online advertising technology advances, new methods for advertising are emerging to maximize efficiency around the buying of ad space. The advertising industry is on a bullet train moving towards automation. Many marketers are now leveraging on tech partners that have access to ad exchanges while many others have developed their platforms that allow programmatic media buying. Programmatic buying is a new way of media buying that involves a lot of smart process management. Automated, or programmatic, the key reason that buying is growing is because it is becoming more efficient in terms of ad transactions and at the same time, it increased the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. One can say that Programmatic Buying is, in fact, the future of online advertising.

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