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Google’s New Logo, Explained!

Google is not your typical Internet company. As one of the most successful and innovative Internet company in the world today, their mission is to transform the world’s information to be universally accessible and useful.

Much like a teenager exploring on various identities, Google is determined to be more than just a search engine that they initially are recognized for. Over the past years, they have evolved in a lot of ways – from their products and services to the change of their look and feel. In fact, they can be considered as one of the trendsetters in the digital arena of our time.

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8 Tips to Design the Perfect Logo

A logo is a visual representation of everything a business stands for, from its business to its brand image, and even associating the products & services with that logo. Whenever we speak about brand image of a business, the logo is the first thing that appears in our mind, which also implies that logo is an essential element that denotes a brand.

In reality, a logo enhances potential customers and partners’ first impression of a company. A good logo can build brand loyalty between a business and its clients, establishing a unique brand identity, and portraying professionalism of an established enterprise.

There is more to crafting a company’s logo than just placing a company’s name into a square and calling it a day. For those who are about to embark on a logo design journey, or think that it is time for a visual identity revamp, here are eight tips to create the perfect logo for your business.

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Goodbye Google, Hello Alphabet!

In its next step to take over the world, Google, one of the world’s biggest tech giant, has announced in early August that it is going to undergo a major restructuring. This restructuring will bring Google under a holding company called Alphabet, allowing its different projects to operate separately and thus giving them more freedom to grow. This decision by Google was necessary for the company to stay nimble in this fast-changing world. It allows Google to split its projects into smaller subsidiaries and therefore enables each of them to focus on their respective goals.

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Tips to Create a Killer Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, B2C or B2B. An effective brand strategy provides you the competitive advantage over competitors by offering consumers a greater value.

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Is Branding more than just a Logo?

Branding is defined as the marketing strategy to generate a label and visual style that represent your business, products and services. In layman terms, a brand is an assurance to your clients, and it signifies what clients can look forward to from your business. Furthermore, it also differentiates your business from others, especially from your competitors within the same industry.

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