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10 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

The inbox of your standard consumer fills with competitive subject lines, marketing messages, and scores of attention-seeking emails. With more than 144 billion emails sent each day, email marketing remains as one of the preferred channels for business communication.

As technology advances and Internet evolves, newer marketing methods have made many to believe that email marketing is on its way out. However, email marketing is far from dead, despite what some may believe. In fact, a report indicated that workers spend 28% of their time in their inbox.

At the same time, email marketing is getting hard to deliver their marketing objectives. This is because consumers are demanding for a better email experience. They do not want bulk emails thrown at them that looks like spams and do not relate to them in any way. Consumers want their email personalized, relevant and provides value to their lives. And this requires a certain understanding of the consumers which only big data can provide.

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Wise Words from Jack Ma – The “Wealthiest Man in Asia”

Jack Ma or Ma Yun is a Chinese business magnate and philanthropist who has carved a niche for himself in the corporate sphere. Known as the founder and chairman of the Alibaba group, he has built an empire of e-commerce in China without selling any product to consumers or having written a single line of code. Under his leadership, he has blended the best of both the Western and Chinese technologies, culture and management styles to create the world’s largest e-commerce company and soon the biggest global technological enterprise.

The company’s IPO raised more than $20 billion and gave a market capitalization of $240 billion, making Jack Ma the richest man in China and one of the wealthiest men in the world today. Subsequently, he has also become the first Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of the Forbes magazine.

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Top 4 Lessons I Have Learnt from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, the land of innovations – a mythical place where dreams and fortunes are forged (and broken at the same time) in the tech world. Dreamers, investors, even government leaders gather there in hope to capture the magical formula that has made miracles happen in this unparalleled tech and business hub. Today, Silicon Valley has expanded to encompass the entire San Francisco Bay Area and remains as a leading tech hub in the world, focusing on a strong start-up ecosystem. It is a dream place where every other start-up or innovator wants to be.

In 2014, almost two years ago, I had the privilege to visit this “legendary” place due to an entrepreneurship program from my tech start-up, as well as an invitation from friends in SV. After having stayed two weeks Silicon-Valley-style, we have visited several tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Evernote, Rocket Fuel, Oracle, Intel, Startup “Ecobator” NestGSV, Plug and Play Technology Center and even one of their hackathons at RocketSpace.

In this post, I will share what I have learnt and what I think can be useful to creating ecosystems around the world that want to be successful.

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Afterpulse Latest Update: New Weapons

GAMEVIL‘s highly popular over-the-shoulder multiplayer shooter continues to receive tremendous support as the latest update released today comes with various new additions. In this update, Afterpulse introduced three new weapons, and two new veteran upgrades.

In Afterpulse, weapons come in different classifications such as standard, seasonal, veteran, and chrome. The veteran series are some of the most powerful and rare equipments in the game, represented by a black and red coating and increased game stats.

Two of the new additions are the veteran versions of the LMG AGK 37, and the SMG LSM 7. While three newest weapons are the AGL 660, a new grenade launcher, the TAVA XI, a new long range assault rifle, and the new pistol being added is the TK7.

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Games GAMEVIL Press Release

GAMEVIL Soft Launched a Strategy RPG, Kingdom of War, on Android!

GAMEVIL has just announced the soft launch of its newest mobile strategy RPG, Kingdom of War. The soft launch will be on 3rd June 2016 and be made available to all Android gamers via the Google Play Store in the following participating countries: Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Italy and Kuwait.

This game, developed by Play Earth, is a new mobile strategy RPG, which features a four-man party where players can form from a wide array of heroes in the game. With the newly formed team, players will then embark on an epic adventure with challenging quests to fight against evil.

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