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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro: The King of The Low End

Xiaomi’s Redmi series have been gaining popularity among Smartphone users over the past few years and for good reasons. Its low price points and amazing features have given them a vivid competitive advantage against competitors like Samsung and Apple. So much so that even other Chinese players have found them hard to compete with. Xiaomi has since been cranking out quality Smartphones and becoming one of the leading Smartphone brands in recent years.

This year, Xiaomi has introduced its trump cards, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, to capture the low-mid end market, being the successor of one of Xiaomi’s best-selling phone series, Redmi Note. Once again, Xiaomi has proven itself to be a company which is capable of coming up with great design and build quality.

After pushing powerful components and cutting prices, Xiaomi has started to focus on premium aesthetics and build quality, which appeals more to its users. This new budget-centric smartphone will surprise its users with its array of flagship and premium features such as its metallic design, excellent build, as well as its fingerprint sensor.

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101 Interesting Facts about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is evolving very rapidly, and new trends are forming every day. Marketers today are required to gain knowledge about the landscape and plan their strategies effectively. In recent years, digital marketing has revolutionized many businesses and turned out to be one of the core requirements for any business organization. As we are progressing into 2017, it will be primed to be the year for smarter, integrated digital strategy. Marketers no longer see digital as an independent marketing discipline, or rather, marketers are moving towards “digitally led business models,” integrating both traditional and digital marketing into the business.

From search engine marketing to e-mail marketing and social media advertising, almost everything is becoming digital. If you are engaged in any marketing and advertising roles in an organization, here are 101 interesting digital marketing facts that you must know to generate effective promotional strategies in the digital era.

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20 X Pink Bean Pet (10 Days) Giveaway for Pocket MapleStorySEA !

In Pocket MapleStorySEA, you have the option of renting Pets, monsters that follow behind you and help you in your adventure. They are special summons in Pocket MapleStorySEA where you can “rent” for candies. These pets offer special boosts and effects that can help you with your gameplay.

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6 Quick Tips To Mastering Social Media Marketing in 2016

Leveraging the power of social media marketing can help businesses, big or small, build their brand awareness and at the same time elevate their customer base exponentially. Almost 96% of marketers today are utilizing social media to drive their business, and it has become an integral part of every business’s digital marketing plan.

Just like the audiences you are hoping to target on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing. Therefore, it is crucial for marketers to understand the fundamentals of social media marketing, for them to craft out effective strategies to achieve their marketing objectives.

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Kritika Online SEA to Launch in Six Countries in May 2016!

Kritika Online, a 3D MOARPG by award-winning studio ALL-M, is going to be launched by Playpark in May 2016. The game features a fast-paced combo system and action controls; that is able to keep hard-core gamers glued to their seats. The game has taken the Korean online gaming community by storm. Since then, many renowned publishers around the world have expressed their keen interest in publishing the game.

Playpark, the leading online games publisher in Southeast Asia, announced recently that they will be releasing Kritika Online SEA simultaneously across six countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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