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Google : No More Right-side Ads for Advertisers

As one of the world’s most popular search engine and advertising partner, everything that Google does will undoubtedly affect billions of advertisers and marketers worldwide. Google has been carrying out tests on the four AdWords ads placements since 2006 and recently stepped up these tests in late 2015.

Earlier this year, Google officially decided to make these four ads above the organic search results live, while removing the right-side ads. Therefore, in the new configuration, ads will be shown only on the top and bottom of the search result. This move was a very significant news for many, especially for advertisers who no longer see their ads on the first page. This update by Google also changes the whole AdWords bidding landscape.

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Four Reasons Why Kaizen Doesn’t Work

Kaizen, also known as continuous improvement, is a comprehensive methodology that systematically seeks to make minor, incremental changes to systems or processes to improve efficiency and quality. The concept  is derived from Japan and can be roughly translated from the word “改善” which means “good change.”

For small businesses, the concept works to improve the performance of managers and employees, the interaction within a team, and the pursuit of better productivity. Since inception, Kaizen has been proven to help various organizations and has been long lauded as a success. However, certain conditions are needed in the corporate culture for this strategy to take effect in an organization.

Here are four top reasons why organizations fail when implementing the concept of Kaizen.

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