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18 Must-Have Growth Hacking Tools For Startups in 2016

Growth hacking” has been the buzzword for the past few years among startups across the globe. It allows a lot of lean startups to drive great marketing at a low cost. It is important to note that growth hacking is a means for accelerated growth , but not the means for continuous growth and improvement. Like most startups, spending $5,000 a month on tools for growth hacking is not a feasible solution. However, there are plenty of free tools in the internet that are able to help growth hackers achieve what they need.

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Apple Watch : A Smartwatch for the iOS Enthusiast

Apple may not be the first technology company to launch a smartwatch, however it has made its first piece of wearable, one of the most stylist smartwatch till date. The Pebble Time, on the other hand, lacks this premium look and feel which is present in the Apple Watch. Having said this, both smartwatches have their different strengths and weaknesses, and also their different sets of intended users. Some people might like the Apple Watch, while others might not, to each his own.

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Pebble Time : It’s Time for Time

Pebble Time is an interesting and cool wearable that is nothing but the basics you need in a smartwatch. Its predecessor, the original Pebble Smartwatch was an instant hit in 2012, receiving about $10 million through the Kickstarter campaign, setting a record high in the history of Kickstarter at that time. Relying solely on Kickstarter for its success, the original Pebble Smartwatch won the hearts of many tech geeks and mainstream consumers alike. With the wearable market progressing so rapidly with more gorgeous, and functional wearables, Pebble had to step up its game by introducing something great. The Pebble Time!

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PeanutizeMe : A Web App That Allows You Create Your Very Own Peanut Character!

In an effort to market for the upcoming “The Peanuts Movie”, scheduled to be released in Q4 this year, a web application has been launched. This web application, called PeanutizeMe, allows users to pick from an wide range of detailed options to create a their very own personalized version of a Peanut character.

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Snapchat : A Whole New Way to See Yourself

In its latest update (15 September 2015), Snapchat introduced a new feature called “Lenses”. This new feature allows users (on selfie mode) to scan their faces and select between seven animated filters, each with a unique theme.

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Tips to Create a Killer Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, B2C or B2B. An effective brand strategy provides you the competitive advantage over competitors by offering consumers a greater value.

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